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Our Story

Why we started Mr Mustang Hire.

It all started some sixty years ago with my husband's (AKA Mr Mu5tang) love of these classic muscle cars. Vince a panel beater by trade had worked on Mustangs and as a little boy dreamed of owning one some day.

Five years ago a gentleman from Greenbushes was selling his pride and joy, a 1965 Mustang. I suggested to Vince that he should take it for a drive, and so he did. Needless to say he returned looking very much like a child in a candy shop, with a smile from ear to ear. At the time we loosely toyed with the idea of buying it. The intention was two fold - buy it for Vince and to use it within our retreat business taking guests on tours.

Several days later I took it for a test drive and after doing so asked Ken what was his bottom line? He gave us a figure and we left telling him we would get back to him in a day or so. Vince and I discussed buying it, but agreed that it simply just wasnt the time finanically, especailly as we had other priorities with our new retreat business.

my husband is my world. He has given me everything - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Unconditional love. It was at that time I decided that I needed to somehow find a way to get that car. You see 12 months earlier I was diagnosed with cancer. I figured what the heck, it's only money. You only live once and what's the point of buying it 'someday'. When someday does come you are too old, too grey and too bloody forgetful. So why not now?

The next day I rang Ken and made an offer. It was significantly lower than the asking price but he agreed. He also agreed to call us the next day and let Vince know that someone else had telephoned and purchased the car at full price. You should have seen the look on Vince's face during that telephone call. He was devo. Anyway, Vince's birthday was a month later in July and I needed to store the car until then. Unfortunately our friend were away, so I had to bring it home. Where does one hide a car? I arranged to pick it up, parked it in the carport and placed a big blue bow on it.

Later that evening Vince returned from work in the dark as it was winter. He said he didn’t see my car parked in the carport as usual and immediately thought we had guests. He then saw the car and thought wow, our guests have a Mustang, obviously still not realizing it was 'the' car. He even thought the bow was a super charger!

As Vinnie approached I jumped out and shouted SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! He was quiet for a split second then said calmly 'what the fuck have you done?'. To which I replied 'am I in trouble?' 'It's your’s I said, Happy Birthday'. He then burst into tears still not quite believing I had purchased the Mustang for his birthday. Needless, to say I won wife of the year!

Fast forward four years and due to the retreat business taking off the car we have affectionally called Sally (Sal for short), yes as in Mustang Sally, sat in the shed. It seemed that we had become so busy we didnt get to enjoy her, Which simply was not the reason we bought her in the first place. It was at this time we thought about selling her, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to do it. The look on Vince's face (as is the look on everyones face's) when he drives Sal is priceless.

So Vince and I discussed that the car needed to start making us money not costing us. Now I know money is not everything, but if you have an asset, why not have it work for you, right? It was at that point we thought about a semi-retirement plan and hence Mr Mustang Hire was conceived. Now Vince can drive his pride and joy and everyone in the South West has an opportunity to experience this classic beauty.

Vince & Karen Civello


“We had a great experience with Mr Mustang Hire. They are professional, patient and accommodating. We used them for a tour down south and it was lovely to have a wonderful driver that took the time to have a laugh and chat. The Mustang is well looked after and luxurious”.

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