A Bride's Guide to Wedding Transportation in Margaret River

When Mr Mu5tang first asked me to marry him, I immediately purchased a gigantic folder containing worksheets on how to help first time brides like myself, plan their wedding day with organized precision. I completed many of the pages and felt like I had just passed a final exam — that is until I got to the bridal car/ transportation section. How do I get my guests to and fro and map out our itinerary? Who do we include, who do we not include and where on earth are we all going?! The whole concept was starting to sound more like a lecture from my psychology statistics professor (a unit that I only just passed in university).

So I did what any bride with a mild form of obsessive-compulsive disorder in my situation would do? I Googled as much information on Margaret River weddings as I could possibly find until finally, I developed a logistics strategy with pin point accuracy. If you're anything like me and feel overwhelmed by the fine details of transporting yourself (and your bridal party) from point A to point B on your wedding day, you've come to the right place. Here are Mr Mustang Hire’s basic guidelines for tackling all of your transportation problems on your big day.

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1. Schedule & Timetable

While it’s not imperative that you know every little detail of your wedding day down to the second, you will have to map out how much of your day will be spent and where. For example, where are you getting your makeup and hair done? Are you having a "first look" or taking bridal party portraits at a different venue? These are all factors that may impact your bridal car transportation. If you need help calculating how much time you'll need for those all-important photographic moments, be sure ask your photographer. Be sure to include some additional to your timetable in case of any last-minute emergencies, such as a bridal party member or suppliers/ traders showing up late. Once you've confirmed a basic schedule, it's time to start researching bridal car hire companies. Preferably, it’s best to start your search about six to twelve months before your wedding day, to ensure you book and confirm well in advance.

Bonus tip: If your wedding will take place during peak season (early mid-August to late-April) or around a major holiday such as Christmas and New Year's Eve, start your wedding car transportation search early, since hire companies are usually inundated with bookings during that time.

2. Finances & Budget

Your finances have dictated everything from the colour theme you've chosen to the dress that you'll rock down the aisle, and wedding-day transportation is no exception. It’s important to take into account the cost per hour, price per additional kilometres and the time/ distance involved transporting yourself and the bridal party from point A to point B when booking your bridal car. Most businesses will charge a minimum of two (2) to four (4) hours ($150 to $300 per hour depending on where you live and which vehicle you've chosen). Mr Mustang Hire charges $250.00 per hour for Mustang wedding car hire and there is two (2) hour minimum.

Bonus tip: Ask the bridal car hire business operator how many passengers the vehicle is licensed to carry. If possible arrange to see the limo (or other vehicle) in person to ensure that it has enough room for your bridal party to fit comfortably inside! If you're getting married in the summertime, you'll also want to ensure that the air conditioning works. Mr Mustang Hire is licensed to carry four (4) passengers, as this is a cozy fit however, so we recommend three (3) passengers. And one of the original factory options fitted to our Mustang was air-conditioning and we are pleased to say that this remains in fine working order, so you will still be transported in refreshing cool air in a very cool-looking car!

3. The Terms & Conditions

Now that you've established what your bridal car hire requirements are and have a better understanding of what they'll cost, let's get down to business! Get a written hire agreement that includes the following terms & conditions of service: total cost, deposits required, refund and cancellation policy, arrival and departure locations, pick-up/drop-off times, the specific models of the vehicles you've requested, soiling/ damage to vehicle fees and the overtime rate per hour. This will give you additional peace of mind! When you're satisfied and prepared to sign on the dotted line, it's vital to ask about "all-inclusive pricing," which should always include the total hire amount including taxes, so there’s no nasty surprises.

Bonus tip: Make sure you verify that your bridal car hire company and their chauffeur/ driver is licensed and insured! You can contact your local Department for Transport – Driver and Vehicle Services for more information. Contact 13 11 56 or visit https://www.transport wa.gov.au/

4. Be Prepared

The Girl Guide’s motto – Be Prepared! You know that wedding itinerary you've been obsessing over like a busy little beaver this last 12 months? Email or fax it to your hire company, along with all of the necessary directions, including alternate routes in case of an untimely emergency. It's also a good idea to give the itinerary to all your bridal party members, along with any vital telephone numbers they might need to have on hand. This is particularly important for destination weddings where access to venues might be challenging.

Bonus tip: To ensure a seamless wedding day, whatever you do, don't call the bride! Make sure both your matron of honour and your wedding/ event planner (if you hired one) has all of the receipts/hire agreements and any telephone numbers they may need. It's also wise to let your bridal hire transport company know to contact them in case they need an answer or there's an issue on the wedding day (e.g. the original car you wanted breaks down, so they need to send another one).

5. Be Imaginative & Original

As the booking manager for Mr Mustang Hire of my favourite detail at weddings is always the form of transportation. If limos aren’t your style or you want to splurge on something special for both you and your groom, then think wedding Mustangs, school buses (perfect for teachers!) or even a horse-drawn carriage for the ultimate fairy-tale moment.

Bonus tip: If you want to surprise your future husband to be on your wedding day, rent his favourite car for his transportation to the ceremony! If you are looking for a WOW factor, then Mr Mustang Hire’s 1965 Mustang will supply it in spades and ensure to make your wedding day one you’ll never forget.

6. Make a Special Effort

If you are considering arranging wedding transportation for out-of-town guests, factor in that some of your loved ones may wish to leave the reception at 11pm and not celebrate until 3am. If your budget is on the lean side and you can't afford two separate return drop offs, ask a family member if they wouldn't mind carpooling. It's always a nice gesture to thank your loved ones with a small gift for their time. One thing Mr Mu5tang and I considered was that our bridal party would need return transportation; otherwise talk to family members, your matron of honour or your event planner and discuss alternative recommendations. It’s kind & considerate to think of your bridal party’s needs after they have celebrated your love all day and well into the night and next morning!

Bonus tip: When researching nearby accommodations’, ask if they offer complimentary shuttles to transport your wedding guests back to the venue at the end of the evening. It's always a great idea to provide guests with a list of Margaret River driver/ chauffeur services if they happen to have had one too many drinks and are feeling a little too tipsy to drive!

We believe your wedding day, the most special day of your life should be an experience to remember. When you choose Mr Mustang Hire for your wedding day your experience will be everything you thought it would be and more.