Terms & Conditions

Agreed Price

The agreed price is the price to be paid for the journey as agreed between Mr Mustang Hire and the customer. The times, location, route and other details of the journey are stipulated on the reservation/ booking confirmation. Any requests to modify any of these details should be made to us at least a week in advance of the date of travel/hire and we will endeavour to accommodate minor changes to the customer’s requirement, subject to our ability to do so. All bookings will be allowed one (1) amendment, by an amendment we mean change of time or location. A change of date will be deemed a cancellation and the applicable fees will be charged as outlined below. Any further changes will result in a $15.00 amendment fee. Please ensure all details are correct before signing and returning the booking confirmation.   

On-Demand Booking Service

As of Monday 1 April 2019, all individuals and/or businesses that take bookings for an on-demand trip from a customer and arrange a driver and vehicle to service that trip will be required to be authorised as an On-demand Booking Service (ODBS). Mr Mustang Hire is an authorised On-Demand Booking Service (ODBS). Authorisation No. 1000922.                                                                                                

Reservation/ Booking Hire Payment

Should you wish to make a hire booking all reservations must be confirmed by payment with a 100% deposit of the total tariff, at the time of making the booking. From the time a hire booking is made, your payment of the quoted amount confirms you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy, after which time the terms and conditions of the policy will be deemed to be in effect. Reservations/ hire bookings are not confirmed until cleared receipt of the total tariff. Payments can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), or direct deposit to Mr Mustang Hire. Our bank details are: Bank name: Bankwest; Account name: Mr Mustang Hire; BSB: 306-002; Account number: 0167927. Please use your surname as the narration. If paying by direct deposit settlement of the agreed price in advance by electronic transfer must allow adequate time for funds to be cleared before the date of travel, especially in instances of last minute bookings. All reservations/ hire bookings regardless of payment method require credit card details at point of sale; and by giving us your credit card information you are giving permission for this to be used for any additional charges, or any damage caused the vehicle, including soiling as stated at the levels below. We do not accept cheques on the day, cash, debit cards, or credit cards only.                         

Additional Charges

a) Overtime

The hire agreement between us includes specified pick up and return times and/or duration of hire. Adhering to these times forms an integral part of our operation. Where these times are not adhered to, we may incur additional cost or risk disappointing other customers. For that reason, we reserve the right to levy additional charges should the times agreed between us not be adhered to by the customer. The overtime rate that will be charged is as specified. Rates are for each 15 minutes or part thereof. $150 flat fee.

b) Damages

We reserve the right to charge the customer a minimum of $300 for any damage to or soiling of the Mustang or any of its equipment caused by you or members of your party. Payment of the minimum damage charge must be settled before the end of the hire. We do not accept cheques or foreign currency as payment on the day of hire. In the event that payment of damage-related charges cannot be made on the day of hire, the customer agrees that the amounts will be charged to the credit or debit card with which the booking was paid. Where the cost of rectification or repair may, in the view of the driver, exceed $300, the minimum charge will be made by the method described above and a further amount invoiced to the customer to reflect the cost of restoring the vehicle to its previous condition.

Entrance to Venues

Any costs incurred during the course of the hire including tickets or entrance to concerts, night clubs, or any other ticketed venue or booking, wine tastings, lunches and any other cost associated with wine tours, unless previously agreed in writing by Mr Mustang Hire, are to be paid by the hirer and their associates.

Food & Alcohol

Food is not permitted in any circumstances in any of our cars. Without expressed written permission from us, or supplied by Mr Mustang Hire. A cleaning charge of $150.00 will apply.

BYO alcohol is permitted as we are licenced to carry four (4) passengers. You are not permitted to bring, shots, red wine, home mixed cocktails, or ingredients to mix cocktails in the car while moving. Straight alcohol and pre mixed drinks i.e. bottles and cans and bubbly are permitted.                      


Should this condition be ignored the drivers are instructed to terminate the charter immediately, without refund if a member of your party smokes in a car.


Photography featuring the Mustang is permitted and the driver will assist to position the vehicle as requested by the photographer. The driver has the final decision on how the vehicle can or will be placed at a location. Photographs featuring the vehicle and event may be taken by the driver for promotion use by Mr Mustang Hire. Copyright for these images belongs to Mr Mustang Hire and they are available free of charge to the person responsible for the hire. Please note images taken by our driver (and/ or employees of Mr Mustang Hire) are amateur and on low quality cameras, we recommend that you hire a professional photographer for your event.


All passengers are required to wear seat-belts in accordance with current laws (where fitted).

Lost Property

Unfortunately, we are unable to take responsibility for the loss of property left in the vehicle at any time or under any circumstances.

Vehicle Supplied

We will endeavour to provide the vehicle requested by you. In the unlikely event that we unable to do so, we reserve the right to provide a substitute vehicle of similar type and capacity.


We operate a well maintained vehicle. In the unlikely event of breakdown or the car being rendered unserviceable (for example, in the event of collision), we will use our best endeavour to provide a back-up vehicle or vehicles as quickly as possible. However, we cannot be held liable for any consequential loss incurred as a result of vehicle breakdown or similar unavailability.

Grace Period

We always strive to arrive at pick-up points in advance of the times agreed. Very occasionally, events outside our control (for example, traffic congestion or bad weather) cause us to be late. In these circumstances, provided we arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled time, this will be deemed to be within the terms of the agreement, in such cases, and if reasonably practical, we will endeavour to adjust the agreed booking times to make up for the delay, for example by adding a similar time at the end of the booking period.


Mr Mustang Hire respects the privacy of clients and employees. Be aware that personal information submitted to and/or obtained by Mr Mustang Hire will only be used for the purpose of conducting our business and associated on-line marketing. This will at times involve the distribution of some details to various staff and contractors as is necessitated to manage and supply your services. Data retention as required by Government agencies is managed using secure facilities. Your personal information will not knowingly be passed on to a third party outside of these operating guidelines.

Cancellation Policy

As Mr Mustang Hire is a small business cancellation fees are necessary to compensate the provider for the holding of a reservation in good faith, and the consequent refusal of subsequent hire booking requests. Our charges in the event of cancellations reflect our assessment of the likelihood of being able to re-hire the car following a cancellation. All cancellations are required to be made to us in writing. We will not accept a verbal cancellation. Please read the following Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy carefully. You must not make any booking unless you understand and agree with the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to bookings you make with Mr Mustang Hire over the telephone or by email, as well as online bookings you make on our website. From the time a booking is made, your payment of the quoted amount confirms you agree to our Cancellation Policy after which time the terms and conditions of this policy will be deemed to be in effect. This Cancellation Policy is equitably applied in fairness to all, irrespective of the nature or the cause of the cancellation.

The following cancellation fees apply to bookings inclusive of all hire including but not limited to tours, weddings, point-to-point lunch/ dinner transfers, special occasions/ events, airport transfers, wine tours, corporate, business, film, photoshoots and commercial:

* If the booking is cancelled more than 7 days prior to the commencement of the booking (hire date) the cancellation fee is 50% of the total tariff.

* If the booking is cancelled 7 days or less prior to the commencement of the booking (hire date) the cancellation fee is 100% of the total tariff.

* If the booking (hire date) is required to be changed the cancellation fee is 50% of the total tariff. As stated above, all bookings will be allowed one (1) amendment, by an amendment we mean change of time or location.

* Late arrival, no-shows and early departures are deemed cancellations within this policy and will initiate liability for the full amount of the tariff. No-shows take effect 15 minutes after specified pick up and return times.

* Insurance is strongly recommended for both medical and cancellation coverage.

* Mr Mustang Hire reserves the right to amend, vary or cancel any hire booking. If your hire booking is cancelled due to the below it is a condition of your booking that you understand that no refund will be offered. We reserve the right to cancel your hire if any of the following occurs:

  • Disrespect to any staff member or affiliate of Mr Mustang Hire

  • Evidence of illicit drugs immediately prior or during your hire

  • Intoxication                                            

  • Violence, physical aggression and/ or abusive behaviour

  • Damage to or soiling of the Mustang or any of its equipment caused by you or members of your party

  • Smoking in car

  • Failed payment